Tuesday, 11 September 2012


It's been eleven years, to the day, since at least 2977 innocent people died in terrorist attacks against the two World Trade Center towers and Pentagon, and in flights 11, 77, 93 and 175. Countless more lost beloved family members and friends. How many lives were torn apart that day is beyond calculation. As I thought about all this today, I couldn't help but look back at all the pictures that were taken of that day. And then something struck me. In every single picture, amid all the horror and pain... there was not a single cloud in the sky. And so I wrote this poem, which I hope will bring some hope on this day of extreme sadness. It's called: BLUE SKIES, 911


Never shall this day go by I won’t pause to recall
That there were no clouds in the sky, the day the whole world changed.
No doubt we all were smiling as the sun shone on us all.
Each one of us just whiling through these lives we had arranged.

We had no cause to fear the sky; no distant thunder drum.
No distant clouds would catch our eye; the blue stretched on and on.
But life we know brings changes, and sometimes more than some.
When blue skies bring us fear and pain, something central’s gone.

But on this day we share our loss, and weep for those we miss.
Midst all the flowers that we toss and all the prayers we say.
And all the thoughts we’re thinking of, there is new hope in this:
Remember everyone you love… and tell them so today.

Kevin White
Doctor, Researcher, Author & Speaker

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