Monday, 30 September 2013

Novel about Autism Wins International Book Award

Just thought I'd let everyone know that another one of my novels has won an international book award. The book is called Puck, and I am really excited about it. It is the story of an autistic boy who learns to play hockey.

Told from the perspective of the boy's father, the book describes the ups and downs the young family has, from the first realization that something is wrong, to the day autism is diagnosed, to the many struggles and successes that follow.

It is called 'Puck' because that is the very first word the boy says, when he is eight years old... and that one word changes everything.

Readers Favorite Review wrote:

“Puck” by Kevin White is the beautiful, heart-warming and heart-wrenching story of Kathy and Jason and their autistic young son Luke. It is a great story that Kevin White wrote with feeling, understanding and a lot of love. I felt all of the pain and joy along with Jason and Kathy. I cheered for Luke and became emotionally attached to him. The final chapters tore at my heart and made me proud too at the same time. I was really sad to leave my new friends behind when I got to the last page. Kevin White has written a winner that can easily hold its own as the top best seller for many weeks. It would make a fantastic movie as well. My hope is that there is a follow-up so that we can see where life takes Luke next. Kevin White is a five star writer who has left me wanting more.

I sincerely hope that some of my blog fans will go to amazon and pick it up as an eBook (just 99 cents), read it, and then comment on it.  If you'd prefer a printed copy, the book is in its final editing stage and should be available through amazon as a printed book within a month. Proceeds from all my books go to a variety of charities. And, by the way, October is International Autism Month.



Kevin White, MD, PhD, multiple award-winning researcher, author, teacher & speaker