Sunday, 30 June 2013

Latest Poll Results - How Knowledgeable About Fibro Is Your Doctor?

The current poll has been up for awhile, because I wanted to get at least 200 responses. We now have beyond that. The question was: How knowledgeable is your PRIMARY doctor about fibromyalgia? Here are the results:

What is scary here is that, in 2013, one in 10 primary doctors still doesn't believe in fibro, and one in three essentially is useless treating it. When you consider that there are at least 6 million Americans with this disease, that means that 2 million fibro sufferers are receiving either no or totally inadequate care from their primary doctor... a very sad statistic.

What this means is that two million Americans with fibro either have to just live with what they have, seek care elsewhere, or learn how to manage their fibro themselves. The good news is that, in my experience, the ones with fibro who ultimately do the best are those who take control of their own health and healthcare.

Step 1 is learning as much as you can about fibromyalgia.   If you haven't already, please feel free to use my website (see below) as a free resource for information. Sign up for my newsletter and go to the newsletter page to see all the useful information and links there.

There is hope for fibro. What's crucial is taking a first step.

Kevin White, MD, PhD, multiple award-winning researcher, author, teacher & speaker