Friday, 8 June 2012


Here is my latest video... a short but I hope poignant little video that looks not only at what fibromyalgia feels like, but how it feels to have fibro and not be believed.

I hope lots of non-believers and people on the fence get to see this one.

Note: No beanie babies were actually injured in the making of this video.

By the way, the song you're hearing is one I wrote and recorded to remember the 14 young women who died and 15 who were injured at Montreal's Ecole Polytechnique in 1989. You can listen to and download this song, for free and in its entirety, by going to the homepage of my website
and scrolling down to the bottom right.

If you REALLY like the song and would like a CD of my music, which I recorded with my band WORTLEY ROAD, and which includes the song you just heard plus 12 others (10 of mine and two by the extremely gifted singer/songwriter and close friend Johann Kinting), go to

and scroll down until you see the cover:

The song is called DANS LE CIEL. And the CD is called GHOSTS OF THE CPR and features 4 Juno Award winners, plus Johann, myself  and Canadian icon James Gordon. Some other songs from that album are in my blogs (if you scroll back to some older posts).


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