Thursday, 17 May 2012

I'm Baaaaack!

Once again, I apologize to all my readers for having been absent from the blogging scene for the past month or so. I literally have just gone through the worst flu of my LIFE! I won't go into all the details... but 6 weeks and I'm still not 100% yet. I have been well enough to return to the office, though, and now I will start blogging again. I also will be working on the Spring Newsletter and hope to have it out next week as well.

Yesterday, I posted my first YouTube video in a month, which really makes more sense to watch while you're on the home page of my website at Otherwise, you're going to see me pointing all over the place, seemingly totally at random, as if I'm having a seizure.DO check it out, though, because there's humour in it and I even do a little bit of magic (Take THAT, Voldemort!)

Not to mix apples with rutabagas (whatever the heck they are), in my next blog I will reveal (poof! There's that magic thing again) the results of my latest web poll: what treatment has helped you the most? The results are somewhat surprising, at least to me.  And they will lead to the next logical poll question, which I will reveal (poof!) in the NEXT blog (ain't I annoying!!!)

I intend to post another video and blog soon about 'The Hidden How To', which is something I talked about when I gave a series of talks in England at the start of April.

I also have promised people to do blogs soon on (1) fibromyalgia and hypermobility syndromes; and (2) fibromyalgia in men. So they will appear in the next few weeks.

And I have a couple of songs I plan to share with you soon (including one really pretty and inspirational one called 'In Hard Times' that I believe you will enjoy); as well as a comic strip I published a few years ago and am now going to share with you called 'Haddochs Anonymous'.  It's actually pretty funny, so I've been told.

And, come July, I will post a tribute to the late great Harry Chapin, who died on July 16th, 1981. I cried that day, because of the absolutely wonderful musician and humanitarian the world lost.

So anyway... once again... I am back. I look forward to providing you with lots of information, entertainment, support, and inspiration in the coming weeks. Thanks again for having been so patient.

P.S. my eBook now sells for just $4.95, and the soft-cover version for just $19.95. Get your copy now.

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