Friday, 27 January 2012

Two New Videos

Here are two new videos for you to look at and, I hope, enjoy.  The first is a YouTube video version of my previous blog post - Herbals & Gerbils: Fibromyalgia, Doctors and Herbal Remedies

And the second video - called When Even Hugs Hurt - is a personal plea for those who either have a loved one with fibro or somehow take care of them (as a health-care practitioner, lawyer or otherwise) to take time to learn the facts about fibro - especially that it is a REAL PHYSICAL DISEASE that has been proven such scientifically.

Again, I hope you enjoy these. And, if you do, please let others know about them. The more people who learn the truth about fibro, the better it will be for EVERYONE who has it, AND for those who care for them.

Kevin White, MD, PhD

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