Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Well here we are. We’ve just survived the holidays of December, pitched the tree or put away the menorah just in time to avoid setting the house on fire... and we’re right back looking at another holiday.

Sure... Valentine’s Day isn’t a day off. You don’t cook turkey. No one is breaking into your home via the chimney. There’s no Valentine’s Day parade, discounting long lines to wedding chapels in Nevada and that cheesy wax museum in Niagara Falls. And if family members start arriving at your door on February 14th asking for entrance, it is legal to shoot them in at least 17 countries worldwide. But it’s a big day nonetheless, says every card, flower and confection shop around the world... and so you’ve GOT to get ready.

But what do you do and how do you prepare if you have fibromyalgia, and your idea of a romantic evening has been reduced from wearing a string bikini or Speedo and making passionate love on a Spanish beach as the sun goes down to wearing Ben Gay and leaving a 6-word note for your partner, written in red crayon, that says “I’ve gone to bed early”?

And what do you WISH your partner would do for YOU on V-Day?

Given that I’m a typical male, and therefore have as much notion of true romance as a turtle in heat, I am inquiring of you, my readers:

Again, what do YOU do, what your partners do for you, and what do you WISH your partners and other loved ones would do for you to celebrate International Flowers and Chocolate Day.

Just post a comment to this blog. It’s fun and easy. You’ll be giving helpful info to other readers. You could win fabulous prizes (but probably not). AND YOU JUST NEVER KNOW – it might just so happen that a former friend of your partner’s Uncle Bert reads it, intends to notify Uncle Bert to let him know how to save HIS marriage, but types in the wrong email address and contacts your partner by mistake, who then reads this blog, puts two and two together and somehow comes up with the strange notion to actually do something nice on Valentine’s Day, and you end up having your Valentine’s Day wishes come true after all.

Hey! It COULD happen!

So help me out and POST YOUR COMMENTS PLEASE!!!!


Kevin White, MD, PhD


  1. Hey! It's just me again. Please start entering comments!

  2. Hopefully it will be a halfway decent day for me, which will mean i was actually be awake more than i was sleeping, manage to pick up 75% of the clutter in the living room (again, i have a toddler) and made a decent pass at trying to pretend i also had the energy to clean the kitchen (yeah right, like i can really clean two rooms in one day the way i've been feeling the past 4 months) putting the toddler to bed early, hopefully being surprised by my sweety with a dozen roses and a romantic movie...and then i will fall asleep 30 minutes into the movie (but snuggled into my honey bunny ;) and on my next good day ... well, we shall leave that to your imagination. the last time i had a good day, once we got the child into bed and finished our... acrobatics, twice ;) i had two horrible days in a row because i pushed myself too much (now your really curious) :)

  3. I will pray for you that your day exceeds all your expectations, in a positive way. Like I said in the blog - "Hey! It could happen!"