Thursday, 19 December 2013

T’was the Pain before Christmas (An ode to those with fibromyalgia)

T’was the night before Christmas, and all through my body
Not a thing isn’t hurting. How I need a hot toddy!
The stockings I’d put on my feet with such care…
They now chafe my skin, I feel so raw and rare.

I’ve spent almost all of this day in my bed
With this merciless migraine pounding my head.
I just feel so tired, all energy sapped.
How I wish I could sleep — please — just a half hour nap!

When down in my gut, I can hear such a clatter:
I’m just not quite sure — Is it bowels? Is it bladder?
Away to the bathroom, I crawl like a slug
And sigh when I spy in the mirror… my mug.

My face seems as white as the new fallen snow.
And so are my hands — I’ve Raynaud’s, you know.
When what to my wandering eyes should appear
But a toy that my grandchild has somehow left here.

She’s a beautiful grandchild — so lively and quick.
Right now she’ll be dreaming of good ol’ Saint Nick.
The rest of my family, well, they’ll do the same.
If only I could remember their names.

There’s Stacey and Thomas and… Sarah, I’m thinking.
I hate when my mind’s like I’ve spent all day drinking.
Whatever their names or size, big or small,
Come Christmas morning, they’ll all come to call.

They know not to come too much before noon.
They know I’ll be useless if they come too soon.
But then in their Honda they’ll park in my drive.
And suddenly sprout like a busy beehive.

They’ll rush to my door bearing goodies and such.
Mostly for them though… I can’t eat too much.
They know not to hug me too hard, lest I scream
And spend all day smelling like a deep-heating cream.

My grandchild will be at the centre of things.
But that is the magic that each Christmas brings.
The day will seem long for me; yes, that is so.
But Christmas comes just once a year, don’t you know.

And if I stay careful, and limit myself
To no more than what I can handle, or else,
I CAN enjoy Christmas, and all of the cheer
And then be so thankful it’s just once a year.

So if you are hurting like me, might I say
I hope you too tolerate this Christmas Day
And more than just that, I hope that you find
Some joy and some love and some true peace of mind.

And though we’re in pain, to start things off right
I say Merry Christmas... and to all a good night!

Copyright © Dec. 18, 2013, Kevin P White, MD, PhD
Kevin P White, MD, PhD
5-Time Award Winning Author of

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