Thursday, 24 November 2011

My Conversation with Cindy

I received a phone call today from a woman named Cindy. She'd heard about me from a cousin, who I diagnosed with FM about 20 years ago. Cindy then found me on the internet, and this led her to my website and then to call me. I spoke with her for about 15 minutes. During this time, she told me about a couple of blogs she'd just written; in one of them she mentions me, my book and my famous editorial - FIBROMYALGIA: THE ANSWER IS BLOWIN' IN THE WIND. She wanted my email address to send me the links to her blogs. When I read them, I found them poignant... so here are those links to Cindy's blogs: I encourage you to read them. Here is a woman battling against fibromyalgia who has nonetheless found purpose and joy in her life. She is NOT, in any way, looking for sympathy or for handouts. She is using whatever strength she has to help and educate and support others. God bless her and all those like her!

Kevin White, MD, PhD

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